I was reached out by TheMill Studio to work with them to explore different ways to show Logitech products while also staying true to their brand guidelines.

These designs was for their global campaign which was to be translated into multiple languages as well.

My Role was to push the limits of their design system and figure out which direction they would like to go in for the final campaign and also on how to show single double or triple products at the same time.


Logitech Guidelines

Design Explorations

Final Design

  • For the final version we ended with using the "G" as a background element.

  • Waterfall text this is the echo look.

  • The primary idea we wanted to convey was to show "Levels to play"

  • This was achieved by creating depth with the design elements and also the background "G" gradient.

  • We also ended up adding a icon system to show each product feature on the bottom right corner.

  • These designs where made in square, portrait and landscape dimensions as well.

  • I have only showed 40% of the fun explorations we made, this was a 1 month project.



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